The 20 Best Arrested Development Recurring Gags

“All systems are go,” H.B.I.C. Jason Bateman tweeted on Tuesday night. “Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!”

We’ve known for some time now that “Arrested Development” is coming back in 2013 for 10 straight-to-Netflix episodes and a movie. But to know that filming for the new episodes is only a few weeks away? That’s as shriek-inducing as Gene Parmesan’s brilliant disguises.

Upon hearing this news, we decided it might be prudent to run down the 20 best recurring gags and inside jokes in the show’s short-but-legendary history. The list could have been 50 or 100 deep, so our heartfelt apologies to Barry Zuckerkorn (who is very good), the webmasters of and Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, the surrogate, Tony Wonder’s illusions and allusions and so many more. 

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