Pulitzer Prize Winner Charlie LeDuff Golfs the Length of Detroit

It could be the biggest story yet for LeDuff, an acclaimed journalist whose bylines can be found in The New York Times, The Detroit News and now FOX 2: a par 3,168, 18-mile golf trip from 8 Mile Road to Belle Isle. LeDuff packed only four clubs and played it as it lay, letting the ball lead him over fences, through abandoned houses and among the city’s populace.

Why golf the length of a city? asks LeDuff’s colleague Dennis Kraniak. Possibly to answer these questions: “Why are we still here? Who still cares? How can we be better? What do people need? Has anybody asked them? And — what other city in America allows the room to take a full swing with a golf club?”

It’s a 10-minute video, but we suggest you take some time and watch it. Spoiler: How’d he do? LeDuff shot 2,525. Not bad.